Marco Rubio...No Pagues Ese Ticket!

Ticket Guru "extraordinaire" Alex Hanna has an institutional client!

Turns out old "Lead foot Rubio" and the Misses can't drive 55.

This is some seriously good writing, right out of a Carl Hiaasen novel:

Earlier this year, Ms. Rubio, a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, sideswiped a Porsche Panamera while driving her husband’s Ford F-150 truck to a donor event at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach with a llama, Caitlyn Jenner and 7 democrats in the truck bed.

In fairness to Marco, I don't think this is news. The New York Times and Miami New Times disagree with me. I don't like the New Times' swipe at us - "typical Miami Drivers." (Hold on, I need to pass this tractor trailer in the express lane and write down notes from my last call while I post.)

NB And Chris Christie.


  1. Who let him wear the pants?

  2. I would have gone with the camel toe pic, but then I'm a godless pervert. :-)


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