The Hero With a Thousand Faces (Plus Associate!)

This seemed inevitable.

As a great fan of Joseph Campbell, somewhat acquainted in the world's wisdom traditions, I applaud this modern hero taking the next momentous step in his journey, heeding the call to "seek the mansion of that presence with whom it is our whole destiny to be atoned" -- either that or the guy's just opening his own law firm:
After seven years at Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, trial lawyer Paul Calli is leaving to open his own shop.

Calli is taking his longtime associate, Chas Short, along to his new firm, Calli Law, to be located in downtown Miami in the One Flagler Building.

"After 22 years of practice, opening my own firm is exciting and feels logically like the next chapter in my career," Calli said. "I believe that my practice is in a very good place and that now is the time to undertake this journey."
Definitely -- undertake that journey!
After seeing all your sense of fear diminish
As you treat danger as a pure connection
As you throw away all misconceptions
Going for the one
Going for the one
Going forward to
Listen in time
Taken so high
To touch, to move
Listen to life
Good luck my friend.


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