It was one level of shameful the way Fox News and other conservative media outlets bent over backwards to protect the narrative that racism is over by claiming that the clearly racist attack on a Charleston church was instead an attack on Christianity. But Miami attorney AJ Delgado took denialism to another level by questioning not just the motives but the race of the perpetrator.

Well let's see what the subject looks like.

Blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin – sure looks like a member of the master race to me. Let's not leave out the part about how he self-identifies

You can't blame this on pure stupidity. The right is heavily invested in the idea that we are a post-racial society and people like Delgado refuse to see or acknowledge any evidence to the contrary. 

The Twitter storm was so intense even Michelle Malkin couldn't protect poor AJ who has since closed her Twitter account. Good riddance.


  1. Did AJ state what race she thought he was?

  2. Does Michelle Malken know what the racists that she panders to think of her?

  3. I assume that she thinks he's black, perhaps Muslim. In her world those are the violent people, right?

    @11:57 ~ I couldn't find a good copy of Prince's Superfunkicalifragisexy. ;-)

  4. Michele

    Me love you long time

    That's not racist !

    I love chicks from the "Far East "

    That's not racist!

  5. There is no Florida Bar listing for "AJ Delgado". There is a listing, with photographic image, of Alary Delgado, an associate with the Lydecker Diaz firm. I'm assuming she's not a member of FAWL since AJ Delgado has also written articles about "legitimate rape."

  6. I don't get it. If she doesn't see white, what does she see?

  7. When I first read this post, I thought I saw that she had a TWATTER account.

  8. It's stunning to me that as of that screen capture her tweet had 58 "favorites"!

  9. @10:29

    Q: Name your ultimate sexual fantasy?

    A: Yoko Ono

    Q: ???

    A: To see the apartment!


    She did when I started writing... :-)


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