With Great Royalty Checks Come Great Legal Fees!

The waiting is the hardest part! No ruling on Obamacare or marriage equality today so we just have to settle for some Spiderman Easter Eggs from Justice Kagen.
Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan knows that with great power comes great responsibility.
Kagan was tasked with writing the opinion in the court's ruling on Kimble v. Marvel Entertainment, which addressed the payment of royalties for the use of a patented invention after the patent's expiration date. The case specifically addressed petitioner Stephen Kimble's toy that imitated Spider-Man, allowing kids to shoot a foam string from the palms of their hands.
Kagan took it upon herself to drop some Spider-Man Easter eggs into her opinion, referencing the Marvel hero's popular theme song and one of the most quoted pieces of advice from Spider-Man's Uncle Ben:
 Elena, you will always be my Spider Gwen!