3d DCA Watch -- If I Were a Rich Man Edition!

Before we enter the dark, musty confines of the bunker, let's acknowledge a few life milestones:

1. RIP Theodore Bikel -- legendary actor, musician, social activist and fully realized courageous human being.

Little-known Bikel/Dylan fact:  he sponsored Dylan's 1963 trip to the deep South to help minority voter registration efforts in that progressive bastion of Greenwood, Mississippi (he also didn't like it when The Bard went electric!).

2.  E.L. Doctorow -- man, that sucks.

3.  Happy birthday Don Knotts!

Three Lions v. Namm:

Surprise!!!  There's confusion over an offer of settlement:
We reverse because Namm’s Motion for Extension of Time to Accept Settlement Proposal was ineffective to toll the time for acceptance of the proposal, where Three Lions did not agree to the extension and Namm did not obtain a hearing on the motion prior to the expiration of the time for acceptance of the Proposal.
Aspen Air v. Safeco:

Yikes, appellate fees awarded as sanctions against lawyer and client:
Significantly, in a letter dated September 15, 2014, Safeco informed Aspen’s counsel of the baseless accusations before Aspen filed its Motion to Relinquish Jurisdiction.6 At the least, Aspen’s counsel knew or should have known from the documents Safeco attached to its Opposition to Aspen’s Motion to Relinquish Jurisdiction that Aspen did not have a factual basis for its misrepresentation claims made in its Initial Brief. Yet, Aspen and its counsel subsequently decided to include the false allegations made in Section III despite the documents establishing that the allegations were baseless. The unambiguous terms of both Rule 9.410 and section 57.105 are in place to protect Safeco and its attorneys from such action.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Happy Hump Day, SFL & Mwaaah!!

  2. It's about time a court stuck it to lawyers making false statements. I have been practicing for 42 years and the amount of pure lying by lawyers is enough to make me look for a new career. If you can't win without lying, tell the truth or settle.


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