3d DCA Watch -- My Face Is Melting Edition!

So it's about 125 degrees outside, but inside the hermetically-sealed bunker the temperature is a cool, dry 38 degrees -- coincidentally the optimal temperature to serve a fresh cold lager!

Let's see what those lucky concrete commandos are up to this week:

Moradiellos v. Community Asphalt:

Hey, our friend Judge Ramirez appears for the appellant!

(Don't worry Judge, I know how hard it is to actively maintain a blog!)

Key Biscayne Gateway v. Key Biscayne:

If the Village fails to approve a site plan after holding a hearing, is that a "ministerial act" such that mandamus could lie?

You'll have to click the link above to find out! 

South Florida Racing v. Florida:

This case involves a lawyer named "Spicola"!

(Sorry, that's all I've got -- the case is really boring.)

Romay v. Caribevision:

Lots of heavy hitters involved in this appeal of a receivership order by Judge Gordo, but the 3d held its nose and hid behind relied upon the standard of review:
We review the appointment of a receiver under an abuse of discretion standard. Puma Enters. Corp. v. Vitale, 566 So. 2d 1343 (Fla. 3d DCA 1990). Based on the record before this Court, we conclude that the trial court did not abuse its discretion by entering the order on appeal.

Therefore, without expressing any opinion as to the parties’ underlying dispute, we affirm the trial court’s order appointing a receiver.
Smells Like Teen Spirit!


  1. That picture of Spicoli is great. Well done.

  2. what about connolly? yeesh.


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