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All Hail Julie Braman Kane!

Has anyone put the whole package together as gracefully and (seemingly) effortlessly as Julie Braman Kane?

Great lawyer, partner, leader, mother, wife, successful professional and community leader, always polite and responsible, she probably even brakes for stray dogs:
My overarching goal is to do whatever needs to be done to protect victims' rights across the country. I'm president-elect during a presidential election year and a Senate election year. We will support candidates who will support the civil justice system. We also work to help people in Congress and in leadership positions understand the needs of the civil justice system. We spend a tremendous amount of time lobbying in Washington, D.C., and help all 50 state trial bars in any way we can.

You are a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Do you plan to take an active role in her campaign?

I will fundraise for her presidential campaign through the AAJ, and we will work toward her election. I also wrote a personal check for the maximum allowable amount.

In past years, the AAJ has focused on tort reform and limiting damage caps. Is that still the AAJ's primary mission?

Yes. I believe the most insidious type of tort reform right now is forced arbitration, which is being put in every consumer contract out there. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently put out a massive report on this, showing how forced arbitration is very one-sided and rigged against consumers.
Ok let's just get it out there -- will you accept my hand in marriage? 

Or just keep kicking butt like you've been doing for a couple decades.



  1. She has probably never tried a case to a jury. Rides on her father's wealth and influence.

  2. Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé? What is this a Godwhacker post?

  3. So many haters.

    I attended law school with her and was not particularly fond, based on similar prejudices. All of which, it turns out, are wrong, once you know her.

    And she actually does try cases.

    So many haters in out profession/town.

  4. She's tried cases and is unrelated to Norman Braman. So much for "riding on her father's wealth and influence."

  5. hatas gotta hate

  6. she is not related to the Braman family.

  7. Of course she is the daughter. Do your research. Thats how Colson Hicks Edison got to represent Norman in the Marlins stadium fiasco.....

  8. Not related. Do your research. Google search Norman Braman daughter.


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