The summer of progress continues!
Miami-Dade commissioners voted Tuesday to let police treat marijuana possession the same way they do littering and loitering — by issuing a civil citation with a $100 fine that keeps the offense out of the criminal system.
“We have better things to do with our police resources,” said Commissioner Sally Heyman, sponsor of the ordinance. “For goodness’ sakes, we don't have to destroy the lives of so many.”
The change in county code passed 10-3, marking a milestone in how Florida's largest local government treats marijuana offenses. The new ordinance gives police officers the option of either charging pot possession as a criminal misdemeanor or as a civil offense — which brings a fine but no criminal record — for possession of 20 grams or less, enough for about three dozen joints.
Backers pointed to the damage that a marijuana arrest may cause, jeopardizing eligibility for certain jobs, military service, student loans and affordable-housing programs. Advocates also said marijuana arrests are clogging the court system and keeping police too busy.
“It would be stunning to you the amount of taxpayer dollars that is utilized every time someone is charged with a simple offense of possession of marijuana,” said Judge Samuel Slom, who oversees the court branch that handles misdemeanor cases. “It takes the officer off their beat. Instead of protecting the community, now they're transporting someone from as far away as south Kendall all the way to the Dade County jail.”
Hallelujah! But why stop there? Even former marijuana opponents like Colorado Governor Hickenlooper have come around to the common sense of legalization. Instead of costing the state money, Colorado is expecting 100 million dollar windfall from marijuana taxes.


  1. $100 is still a lot of money to some folks and can lead to piling on of additional costs when they are unable to pay it.
    But it's some progress, at least

  2. Raise your hand if you are willing to bet your entire career, not to mention your life, on the "discretion" of a Miami PD Officer.

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  4. 12:24, the people who don't have $100 aren't the ones who are going to be issued the civil fine. They'll be the ones arrested based on the officer's 'discretion.' The white FIU kids hanging in the condo rec room will get the fines, the black Miami-Gardens kids in the parking lot of kwik-ez-mart will all be in handcuffs.

  5. IF they have the money to buy weed they have the money to pay the fine. Otherwise throw the thugs in jail......


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