I'm Back (and So Is Chris Carver)!

Hi kids, I'm back!

Boy do I feel rested after that magnificent sabbatical -- where I allowed my spirit to wander free, contemplate the mysteries of life, practice mindfulness in all things, and got in tune in my inner straight and narrow.

I'm in tune!

Oh who am I kidding -- it felt great to get bombed and binge on old F Troop reruns (God I love Forrest Tucker!).

Isn't that what the fancy folk call a "staycation"?

Thank you to GW and GB for keeping this crappy ole' blog running -- and thank you for reading!

Now let's talk Carver:
Blah blah blah Chris Carver blah blah blah.
Can any words ever do justice to Chris when we have this?

Just dismiss the case right now, fellas.


  1. We missed you SFL!!!!

  2. Thank god! You can't have your blog back, and/or I'm taking the next month off! Who am I kidding? How can I stay away when the River of Fate sends me stories like

  3. You're supposed to put the battery in the dildo, not commit battery with the dildo.


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