So this happened...
Charges have been dropped against an injured Iraq war veteran who was arrested after being accused of growing medical marijuana.
Mathew Young was charged with cultivation after Pasco County deputies said they found plants in his home.
Young said a Jacksonville attorney gave him paperwork and false information that using medical marijuana was allowed.
"I really to this day don't believe I did anything wrong," Young said.
He said the cannabis gave him relief from a slew of medical problems he's had since returning from combat.
"It wasn't until I tried cannabis that everything turned around," Young said. "I could start functioning and start having a day. You have to have a day before you can start a life."
The State Attorney's Office decided to drop the charge against Young saying he is "a cooperating witness in an on-going investigation."
It's wonderful that Mr. Young will not face charges for the still criminal act of seeking relief from medical marijuana. But how long does this guy have to suffer without legal access to something that is really helping him???

If you think it's time to focus law enforcement efforts on criminals and not sick people, please download, sign and send in the petition to put medical marijuana on the 2016 ballot.