They Still Have Yellow Pages? How Cute!

Just like how the paper industry is trying to make a comeback, evidently people are fighting over the Yellow Pages:
The facts presented at trial are as follows. In the late 1990s, Trent Moore (“Moore”), an amateur photographer and former owner of a yellow pages ad production company, founded Yellow Pages Photos, Inc. (“YPPI”), to create and license stock photographs tailored to the yellow pages industry. YPPI set out to create stock photos that were relevant to the directory industry from a subject matter perspective. By 2004, YPPI owned a library of over 4,000 copyrighted photos that for efficiency were grouped into collections—also referred to throughout as “headings”—that generally corresponded to yellow pages headings, such as “Plumbers,” “Roofers,” “Attorneys,” or “Landscape.”
Ok, sorry Trent but that seems like a terrible business idea.

Why not get into the ice delivery business while you're at it?

But what do I know -- I still haven't figured out how to monetize this blog!

(I do it for the purity of the art.)


  1. It's so amusing when we're accused of 'click bait.' Yes, all those ads on the blog that we're pushing!


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