This is a BFD

When gay marriage was legalized all those weeks ago it was front page news across the nation. This isn't getting that level of attention but it is perhaps even more important. Yes, it's legal to get same-sex married in all 50 states but in many of those states including Florida you can be fired from your job for your sexuality. Not any more!
“This landmark opinion from the EEOC confirms what we have long argued in our cases: discriminating against gay, lesbian and bisexual employees violates federal law. This ruling is likely to have enormous positive effects because EEOC interpretations of Title VII are highly persuasive to the courts—they tend to be predictive. Given the clarity and logic of this opinion, most courts are likely to stop simply referring to old, illogical rulings about Title VII coverage. A few may disagree, but most probably will be guided by the Commission’s straightforward approach,” said Greg Nevins, Counsel and Employment Fairness Strategist for Lambda Legal. Lambda Legal has been working for years on cases showing why Title VII, when properly understood, protects LGBT employees. This EEOC decision cites some of Lambda Legal’s recent work on this issue and it will be immensely significant in this continuing work.
This isn't the end. There will be legal challenges to this interpretation of the law for sure. But if it's not the end, it's the beginning of the end of the struggle for LGBT equality.

To that end Freedom to Marry a gay marriage advocacy group is closing up shop for the simple reason that they/we won! My dream of retiring from LGBT advocacy in victory to write trashy romance novels is closer than ever!


  1. Who gives a flying fuck. If they can do the job, I am all for hiring the gays. If they can't, fuck em.


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