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Trump Was Rude to Elizabeth Beck!

"It rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again."

We all know The Donald's a douche, but the way he treated our colleague Elizabeth Beck is just wrong:
Donald J. Trump seemed irritated. He had been grilled for two hours in a lawsuit over a failed Florida real estate project, and he told the lawyer that her questions were “very stupid.”

When the lawyer, Elizabeth Beck, asked for a medical break, Mr. Trump and his lawyers objected, demanding that the deposition continue. Ms. Beck said it was urgent — she needed to pump breast milk for her 3-month-old daughter, and she took the pump out to make her point.

Mr. Trump erupted.

“You’re disgusting,” he told Ms. Beck, in a remark that is not disputed by either side. He then walked out of the room, ending the testimony for the day.
Here's a little more detail:
His temper sometimes flared. Under questioning by Ms. Beck in 2011 in the Florida real estate case, he was insulting. “Do you even know what you’re doing?” he challenged her.

But when Ms. Beck insisted on pausing for an hour to pump breast milk, Mr. Trump, in the words of her husband, had “a meltdown” during a break in the deposition. In a letter at the time, Mr. Beck said 
Mr. Trump had called his wife “uptight” as well as “disgusting.”

Mr. Garten, the Trump lawyer, did not dispute Mr. Beck’s account of Mr. Trump’s language, but said it “was in no way a statement about her decision to breast-feed or pump.”

“It was solely the fact that she was appearing to do it in the middle of a deposition,” he said — although no one involved suggested that she had gone beyond displaying the pump.

Mr. Garten added: “In my 20 years of legal practice, I’ve never seen more bizarre behavior at a deposition. That is what led to his remark.”

Mr. Garten said that “every accommodation” had been made for Ms. Beck to take breaks, but that he believed she was seeking to buy time to come up with new questions for Mr. Trump. The Becks lost one of their cases against Mr. Trump and are appealing.
What do you all think of this?

On the one hand, an hour seems like a long time to pump milk in the middle of a deposition, but does that justify the abusive words?

And I know Trump's lawyer is putting the best spin he can to protect his client, but there's nothing really "bizarre" about her request IMHO (except perhaps the length).

The suggestion that she needed another hour just to come up with more questions is also condescending, and the whole episode has a slightly sexist air to it, at least to me. 

But that's why I'm not worth $9 billion, I guess.


  1. Trump would be a nightmare witness to defend.

  2. Am I the only person in the country who has watched and studied the Donald over 30 years and has an uncontrollable urge and curiosity to get him mano a mano and ask: What is the most you have ever paid for a hooker?

  3. He is a P-I-G pig.

  4. I am sure she would have left the room to use the breast pump. They should get the court reporter and ask for her account. It is unlikely she would forget. I know Trump is a scumbag. He loves to sell his name to be on buildings but in Bal Harbor, FL a few years ago a "latino" man died in the cement when it was pouring into the building and he obviously died a horrific death. Trump was down the next day to get out of the contract and his name off the building. Ivana either perjured herself during their divorce depo but the statute of limitations are up so she and he got away with it. His outcry "go back 30 years" well HONEY you want to go back to Obamas birth certificate so get ready to bend over and be examined from your asshole up, oh forget it we would just start with your nasty mouth and btw I am very good friends with a man that worked for Trump for 25 years and while he said Ivana and Trumps brother were great to be around Trump is a bastard and even after his 3 best friends in a helicopter were killed he acted like "biz as usual"...after all they're dead!

  5. DBR late again and following your lead as usual.

  6. Are you really going to take Donald Trump to school on real estate law? Not that I am defending Mr. Trump but really you need a hour to express milk? It was a gimmick to take some time and figure out how to proceed with a case where she was going to lose. Or least, get legal fees. I really despise lawyers. Now, you have this blog and several media outlets reporting that Donald won because he got star treatment. Just a lot of spin.

    Sure, Donald Trump is a hard nose business man in love with himself. And, he probably isn't a picnic to work for, but lawyers do a lot of crazy things in depositions. Her questions were probably stupid and she probably thought she was dealing with someone that she could out smart. Was she really upset by all of this? Then, she probably shouldn't be a lawyer. Was she really upset because she got caught doing something unethical and Trump caught her? This is a guy who went to Wharton, he knows how to handle lawyers and he isn't afraid to play hard ball.

    "I am very good friends with a man that worked for Trump for 25 year" is full of crap because people grieve in different ways. Construction is a dangerous business, people die building huge buildings, bridges, tunnels. It happens. Maybe Trump was more concerned that the project was not being done properly than protecting his brand?

    All I know is the guy is a success. He has what it takes to be a success. People like Ms. Beck want to steal his money and he is going to protect it. Lawyers do not like "piggy banks" that they can't crack. They hate people that won't settle. And Trump will not be Ms. Beck's meal ticket nor should she put herself above her client.

  7. I banged 2 trump girls


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