3d DCA Watch -- From a Silver Phial Edition!

This dude's clearly smoked a lot of substances now legal in Colorado and Washington, but I love his cosmic take on the underappreciated, tragic ex-Byrd and drunken troubadour Gene Clark, particularly his 1974 magnum opus No Other:
Like "Astral Weeks", "No Other" comprises only one multi faceted song. Play it, and the twin speakers become twin facing mirrors, endlessly regenerating, a link with infinity; its subjects are reality and time and spirituality and dreams and how to come to terms with the world. And for this it is a totally unique work; rock has always had its intellectuals with palpitatingly eager audiences ready and willing to snarf up their ephemeral pap as significant. Maybe I do Gene Clark a disservice to treat his music this way, as heavy duty profundity. At least I am convinced this record should be taken seriously. It's not merely entertainment.
Heavy, man!
Let's roll:

Feinzig v. Deehl:

My friend David Deehl winds up on the wrong side of a fee dispute (also involving convoluted proposals for settlement -- are there any other kind?).

We done rolled, kids.


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