3d DCA Watch -- Wel Well Wells Edition!

Wel well (Judge) Wells, oh well:

Oh well let's just do this, shall we?

United Auto v. Comprehensive Health:

Did you know United Auto has a few cases in our county courts, and then they often get appealed to the appellate division, and then to the 3d?

Bryant v. Windhaven:

Judge Salter holds his nose and affirms two policy exclusions in a tragic daycare van incident.

Conde & Cohen v. Grandview Palace:

Oy veh the new condo board came in and fired the old lawyers.  Then came the retaining liens.

So what else is new?
In this case, no determination has been made as to the validity of any of the law firm’s retainer agreements; no determination has been made as to the validity as to the law firm’s retaining liens; and no determination has been made as to whether the law firm has been paid. Certainly, absent such determinations, no order compelling the law firm to hand over its files may be entered without the requisite showing of pressing necessity and the posting of adequate security.  Anything less amounts to a departure from the essential requirements of the law which will cause irreparable harm by nullifying the law firm’s retaining liens.
So at least we have that going for us! 


  1. Reading this, I'm in the need for some primal scream therapy! MOTHER!!!!!


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