Donald Trump Loves the 11th Circuit!

The Donald doesn't even need to strain his attention span longer than it takes to read the Petitioner's name the introductory paragraph of this decision issued today.
Jose Angel Gonzalez, proceeding pro se, petitions for review of an order by the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) dismissing his pro se appeal from the Immigration Judge’s (“IJ”) decision ordering his removal to Mexico. After careful review, we deny the petition in part and dismiss it in part.
Mary Jane will get you every time.
Gonzalez, a native and citizen of Mexico, became a legal permanent resident of the United States in April 2008. In February 2009, he was convicted, pursuant to a guilty plea, in Florida state court of possession of cannabis, in violation of Fla. Stat. 893.13(6)(a), and of possession of cannabis with intent to sell or deliver, in violation of Fla. Stat. § 893.13(1)(a). For these offenses, he was sentenced to eighteen months’ probation, which terminated in January 2010.
This field of candidates is making strange bedfellows.


  1. That reminds me of the time when the president was in the building and I had to have Secret Service escort to my office to retrieve my stash! No, I didn't share!

  2. So. Fla. check out Judge Bloom's MSJ Order in 14-61264 (DE 56). You covered this case at the motion to dismiss stage.

  3. Dude selling drugs while here illegally. Fuck him. Can you imagine going to France and selling drugs there and then complaining when they kick you out? FUCK HIM (and that godfucker too).

  4. Donald,

    Thank you for checking in and commenting. We value our blog as a place you promote your views.


  5. If you really want to boil trump down to that reasonable opinion, which 90% of Americans agree with, you are too stupid to understand why he and the rest of the GOP candidates are horrible and should never be elected.

  6. I never fucked god but I did have a thing with a guy named Jesus once. He was huge!


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