Mostly False, Mostly Stupid

Don't feel bad about your public university education! This is what they're turning out at Harvard.
The U.S. Supreme Court holds ultimate sway on the laws of the land, yes?
Hold on, Ted Cruz said in an interview about the court’s 5-4 decision holding that state bans on gay marriage violate federal principles of equal protection and fair treatment under the law, creating a "grave and continuing harm" to families led by such couples.

After the June 26, 2015, ruling, which addressed challenges to state laws in Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan and Kentucky, Cruz said that if a party isn’t directly involved in a dispute before the Supreme Court, it’s not required to comply with the ruling.

"Those who are not parties to the suit are not bound by it," Cruz said.

A reader asked us to check Cruz’s claim.

The Republican senator and presidential aspirant should know about the high court. He argued before the court on Texas’ behalf in a past job as the state’s solicitor general.


This is the same misunderstanding of our legal system that Vladimir Putin was pushing a while back. But what do you expect from a guy that cooks bacon with an assault riffle? Leaving aside the cost effectiveness of such a technique, lead powder tainted pork does much to explain his supporters.