Oops I Did It Again!

Hah hah this is hilarious, is someone trying to prank us?
A law firm is moving from downtown Miami to Brickell Avenue—of all things—to avoid traffic.

That's at least according to the broker who helped seal the 21,000-square-foot lease with Kenny Nachwalter, which is taking nearly a full floor at the Four Seasons Tower at 1441 Brickell Ave.

Gordon Messinger, director of commercial brokerage at Cushman & Wakefield of Florida Inc., told the Daily Business Review that the 26-attorney litigation boutique firm is moving from the downtown Miami Center mainly to maximize the efficiency of their working space and enjoy "amenities that are unmatched anywhere in this market." But traffic was not an insignificant part of the decision.

While Brickell is a byword for traffic jam to most, Messinger said Kenny Nachwalter expects clients and employees will have an easier time accessing the new office.

"Traffic was a major concern for them. It's a quality of life issue in terms of getting in and out of Miami with the traffic," Messinger said, adding the Four Seasons has the "best ingress and egress out of the Brickell area."
The Four Seasons on Brickell is the best place to be if you want to beat traffic?

Oh man, good one! 


  1. I hear lunch options at or around the Four Seasons are limited.

  2. I have actually heard the same thing about the lighter traffic from Bilzin attorneys. Maybe its true.

  3. You're all missing the boat. Four Ambassadors is the place to be, again. Cutting edge. Plus, all the meat you can eat.

    I miss 1984....



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