Pay for Me but Not for Thee!

As SFL already pointed out today, our poor poor millionaire Medicare fraud governor is quick to put his hand out to the Florida taxpayers when he is the victim of his own arrogance bad legal advice. But what about Floridians like myself who were fighting the state tooth and nail for legal equality and won? Shouldn't we get reimbursed for our expenses? These tools don't think so.
Last week, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi objected to a motion concerning legal fees from lawyers who represented gay couples seeking to have their marriages recognized in Florida. In response, she wrote that because Florida voluntarily dismissed its appeal after the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the right to same-sex marriage nationwide, the state should not have to cover the cost of the lengthy appeals process it initiated. Attorneys who worked to defeat the marriage ban said they have not come up with the exact amount they are owed. However, one suggested that it could be in the realm of $500,000. "It's ludicrous," said Elizabeth White, a Jacksonville civil rights attorney who helped bring one of the cases that challenged the state's gay marriage ban. "Quite frankly, the state vigorously litigated this. Now they're saying, 'We lost, but we don't want to pay.' "
One of the many arguments I made during the process was that fighting gay marriage was a waste of money. But being right on this doesn't feel good.