These Football Players Got Screwed!

The league really needs to do more to protect these players from this kind of fraud:
This action stems from a series of allegedly illicit and unauthorized transactions conducted by a now-defunct concierge service organization on behalf of twelve (12) current and former players in the National Football League (collectively, “Plaintiffs”). See Fourth Amended Complaint, ECF No. [89] (hereinafter, “FAC”). Without proper authorization, the concierge services corporation purportedly diverted in excess of $50 million from Plaintiffs’ accounts for improper purposes. See id. Plaintiffs now seek redress for their monetary injuries.
Here are the players involved:
Plaintiffs in this matter are Derrick Gaffney (“Gaffney”), Jevon Kearse (“Kearse”), Ray
Lewis (“Lewis”), Santana Moss (“Moss”), Clinton Portis (“Portis”), Lito Sheppard (“Sheppard”), Fred Taylor (“Taylor”), Jamaal Anderson (“Anderson”), Jacob Bell (“Bell”), Tavares Gooden (“Gooden”), Santonio Holmes (“Holmes”), and Brandon Meriweather (“Meriweather”).
Judge Bloom granted sj to the bank where the accounts were maintained on some counts but not others:

You know what I always say:   Violent ground acquisition games such as football are in fact a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war. 

Happy Monday!


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