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3d DCA Watch -- All Hail the New Bunker Leader!

Everyone, please figuratively rise from your desk and give an hearty congratulations to the new Bunkerite-in-Chief (in 2017):
Leslie B. Rothenberg Elected to Succeed Judge Richard J. Suarez as Chief Judge of the Third District Court of Appeal in 2017

The judges of the Third District Court of Appeal have unanimously elected Judge Leslie B. Rothenberg as Chief Judge Elect. Judge Rothenberg will succeed Chief Judge Richard J. Suarez on July 1, 2017.

About the video -- I'm kidding of course -- but it's an irresistibly cool mashup.

Congratulations Your Honor!


Right for the wrong reason:
We affirm the final judgment of foreclosure entered in this cause, and in doing so, determine that the trial court’s denial of Appellants’ motion for summary judgment was right but for the wrong reason.
Just how tipsy was the coachman?

Well, he wasn't completely hammered:
 Our determination in this regard is not, strictly speaking, a “tipsy coachman” scenario, since Appellee filed a notice of cross-appeal on this issue, contending that although the trial court was ultimately correct in denying Appellants’ motion for summary judgment, it erred in determining that Appellee’s default letter commenced the running of the statute of limitations.
 Happy Hump Day!


  1. She has no business being on the 3d. But that's politics in Miami.

  2. Happy Hump Day, SFL. :)

  3. Judge Rothenberg is the single most rotten example of improper judicial activism Florida courts have ever seen. Her opinions based on personal and political considerations instead of focusing on precedent and following the rules of appellate procedure. She is a glaring example of Thomas Jefferson’s famous "despotic behavior" opinion of certain judges. She got on the bench because JEB owed her a favor after her grossly unsuccessful run for Dade State Attorney. Now, she sits on the dais like the people of Dade County elected her. The same people who she constantly bashes with her results-driven attitude, and utter disregard for the law, appellate procedure and love for hospitals, big tobacco, insurance companies and prosecutors. She will go outside the record if she has to, in order to accomplish her iniquitous goals. Even her own colleagues trash her in private and gossip about what an difficult and awful judge she is. Worst of all, because of our awful retention system, Cruella De Vil now gets to be chief judge.

  4. Joffrey Baratheon, not far off

  5. Lisa Baird rocking it in smack to government on 57.105. No need for concurring opinion. adds nothing to florida jurisdiprudence.


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