3d DCA Watch -- I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!

Hah hah everyone has to work now, the summer's over, time to rise and grind, even in the hallowed concrete halls of the bunker, which -- like the rumored long-lost Nazi gold train buried in the mountain tunnels of Lower Silesia, is very very musty, heavily fortified, and undoubtedly booby-trapped:

Dadd v. Houde:

This doesn't seem very neighborly:
This is a boundary dispute involving a strip of land approximately six and one-half feet wide and seventy-nine and one-half feet long. The strip is contiguous to the parcel containing Ann Dadd’s home and has been enclosed, along with the rest of the Dadd property, by a substantial fence since 1976 or earlier. However, the strip is within the legal description of the property owned by her next-door neighbor, Richard Houde.

Publix v. Hernandez:

Rare writ of cert granted in slip-and-fall!

Gersten v. Sorondo:

In an epic battle of ex-bunker dwellers, Rudy Rudy Rudy comes out on top:
CT Miami, LLC (“CT Miami”) appeals the trial court’s order denying its motion to stay arbitration without an evidentiary hearing. Because we agree with the trial court that CT Miami did not raise a substantial issue regarding the agreement to arbitrate, we affirm the trial court’s ruling.
Judge Thornton affirmed (he was a "cautious coachman")!

And that's how the cookie crumbles....