And the Horse "Liberty" Rode in On!

Shit happens.
A Connecticut man has won his lawsuit against a shitty New York municipality that fined him for speeding, then arrested him because it didn’t like what he wrote on his ticket.
Michael Barboza was pissed off that the town of Liberty, N.Y., had dinged him for speeding, and he expressed his feelings by writing “FUCK YOUR SHITTY TOWN BITCHES” on the ticket, as well as crossing out “Liberty” and replacing it with “Tyranny.” Despite his assessment of the town’s shittiness, he paid the ticket.
But the shitty, ironically named town refused to take Barboza’s payment, calling him into court instead. After driving two hours to comply with the summons, he was arrested for aggravated harassment.
A judge dropped the charges a year later, not even bothering to cite a case in determining that “fuck your shitty town” is protected free speech.
 Protected speech? Tell that to these tinpot dictators.