Happy Birthday Buddy Rich!

The great man would have been 98 today.


  1. Rich presents an interesting story. Most baby boomers assumed only because of overexposure that Ringo Starr was the greatest drummer of all time. Ditto Paul McCartney's singing. Rich started to make frequent appearances on Carson's show and his stock rose. He played in many famous jazz groups but the vocalists always got the attention, especially in the pre-TV era. It was not until the late 60's/early 70's that he earned the label of "greatest drummer ever." Like many jazz musicians of his era, his was a volatile personality. I seem to recall reading somewhere that he was extremely hot tempered and difficult to work with. I may be wrong but that is what I remember.

  2. Well at least Jerry was always mild-mannered and a complete dream to work with, so that must have been an interesting taping.

  3. I recall sitting in morning meeting with Pierre Luddington proctoring at Ransom in the very early 1970's and several people were tapping their pencils and he said: Who do you think you are Buddy Rich? No mention of Ringo. Who would be the reference today? Taylor Hawkins?


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