Judge Rosenbaum -- Opening Paragraph of Opinion "On Fleek"!

I understand from my children that the above vernacular denotes praise or positive affirmation of some kind; regardless, this judge rocks it:
Upon receiving their master’s degrees, certifications, and licenses, Plaintiff-Appellant student registered nurse anesthetists are legally able to put people to sleep. We have heard, though never ourselves experienced, that some legal opinions can do the same thing. We are hopeful that this one will not.1
And her classic footnote one:
1 But, then again, the writer is always the last to know.
We're not sleeping!


  1. Getting a little too cute for my taste. At some point, you trivialize the parties and their dispute. Granted to is a FLSA case, but it still important enough to someone to file a federal case.

  2. Where's the completely off-point musical reference? Bring back Goodman!!!!


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