Kluger Is the New Aronfeld!

We covered it a few days ago here, but Alan is still at it, this time succeeding in having the picture his client hates posted in this New Times article.

"It's just not as cut and dry as rich guy for vanity purposes file a lawsuit," Kluger says. "This was all part of his constant battles to fight her defamation."
"This is not a case about censorship or vanity, this is a woman who unrelentingly harassed Mr. Katz," Kluger says. "He's trying to stop this woman."
Who said anything about censorship or vanity? The talk around town is that the 11th Circuit's opinion suggests this was farkatke legal advice for which the client got bobkes.


  1. Spencer is coming in for a client meeting to look at a defamation claim against Guest Blogger. How dare you slander him with the Kluger reference. Huumph.

  2. Look, I know Aronfeld. Aronfeld is a friend of mine. And I can tell you Kluger is no Aronfeld. Not even close. Shame!

  3. Kluger should be so lucky. Spenny Time.


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