Shana Tova, Y'All!

And this is just one of many reasons I love Judge Daryl Trawick:
He was already thinking of going into law when he switched. The riots clinched it. He was a junior. The city erupted in riots after the acquittal of four white Miami police officers who fatally beat a black motorcyclist, Arthur McDuffie, to death after a traffic stop.

"The riots was one of the things that got me to really be interested in the law and trying to do something that would really make a difference in the community," Trawick said. "Because there was always this feeling back then that people weren't being treated fairly."
 Good thing we fixed all that!

Seriously, we all need more judges motivated by a sense of fairness and justice and improving our community, and Judge Trawick certainly succeeds on all counts.

In other news, happy new year, plebes!
For every year's a souvenir
That slowly fades away


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