Welcome Back! Now Prepare to Die!

Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.....


  1. If you have been involved in a man overboard...immediately contact the bridge! What great advice.

    Translation of the rest -

    "It would be a huge fucking case if you or your loved one dies by falling off a ship that doesn't have the new safety system...

    "So, please please please, (please g-d I hope you do) when you fall over board and die, make sure that your loved ones call me -

    "I have a big sign on my building...see! While it is true that the size of one's sign is inversely proportionate to the size of his Cock...the jury never gets to see my sign or cock. That way, when they laugh, I know it is not those things."

  2. This is Spencer's reaction when you call him after you fall overboard and die.



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