Your 3d DCA Watch Has Been Hacked By Paul Williams!

Have you ever woken up and just wanted to blare rakish leprechaun Paul Williams at maximum volume?

Seriously, how to even explain that bizarre 70s phenomenon to modern audiences?

Uh, he was kinda cute and mildly talented and we were on a lot of prescription drugs?

Oh well, I could go on about the bunker blah blah blah written utterances blah blah blah statutes of repose blah blah blah writs of certiorari granted blah blah blah class of cruise ship doctors certified and affirmed on appeal.

Wait, what?

Holy Bernie Kopell!

Oops, not late-60s Love American Style Bernie, but suave late-70s ship's doctor Bernie!

That's more like it!

Hold on -- doctors on cruise ships get commissions on medication sales that they personally prescribe?

We really are back to the 70s!
So many people and all in a hurry
Living in circles of worship and worry
Dressing so long that they're usually late for the show
So busy judging the heads that they're turning
So busy fighting there's no time for learning
Turning their backs on the people they might like to know


  1. Classic, brilliant SFL!

  2. I still can't believe Paul Williams worked on Daft Punk's Grammy Award Winning Album.

  3. Utterly bizarre and yes brilliant, happy Friday SFL!


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