Diaz, Reus Go Down Under.

The Intrepid One breaks the story here.
Miami-based Diaz, Reus & Targ has formed a strategic alliance with the Australian law firm Holman Webb Lawyers to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region.
I've never been in a strategic alliance.  It sounds so...dominant and risky.  (Now that I think of it, maybe twice I've been in a "strategic alliance.")

The other Diaz Reus offices are in Bogota, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Caracas, Venezuela; Frankfurt, Germany; Lima, Peru; Madrid, Spain; Mexico City; New York City; Panama City, Panama; Santiago, Chile; Sao Paulo; and Shanghai.

And I thought I was hot shit driving over to Ft. Myers for a status conference this week.

Good luck!  The Firm has a recipe for success and is on the path to World domination!

N.B.: I bet former Bunker-ite Juan Ramirez will absolutely kill it in Australia, what with his "acute understanding of the law" and all.


  1. Been while since I heard that song--- which will now be stuck in my head.

  2. Diaz is a putz. Buckley V Valeo was I have concluded with much thought - wrongly decided. Now what?

  3. No shjt as to both.


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