Excuse Me, But You're in Federal Court Now.

I know things can get loosey-goosey down on West Flagler, but federal courts -- like Hebrew National  -- answer to an even higher authority:
This cause is before the Court on its own motion. During the prosecution of this personal injury claim, the Court imposed a $500 sanction on Plaintiff’s Counsel, Aaryn April Fuller, (“Counsel”) for failure to attend the Pretrial Conference. (See Doc. 43.) Subsequently, Magistrate Judge David A. Baker sanctioned Counsel in the same amount for failure to submit a Confidential Statement of the Case pursuant to his September 28, 2015 Order (Doc. 42), thereby causing the settlement conference to be rescheduled (see Doc. 45). Despite these sanctions, Counsel was late to court on the first day of trial, and she also failed to have a witness available during a scheduled trial day in violation of the Court’s Case Management Scheduling Order (see Doc. 19, p. 13).

Because the imposition of monetary sanctions has failed to achieve the objective of compliant, competent, and professional behavior, the Court ORDERS the following as additional sanctions: Counsel is required to join the Federal Bar Association (FBA); to register for, and attend, the “Federal Courts 101: Nuts and Bolts of Federal Civil Litigation” webinar on October 27, 2015; and to make arrangements for a mentor/mentee relationship through FBA membership.
I think she got off easy!


  1. That is Florida's Middle District. Our Motto: "We aren't assholes like they are south of the Brevard County Line."

  2. Fake Alex MichaelsOctober 27, 2015 at 2:43 PM

    WTF? I show up when I want. Say what I want and do what I want and they can't touch me. Dis is bullsheet.

  3. I was in civil court today. Here's what I heard: Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer
    Spencer Spencer Spencer SpencerSpencer

  4. You made Above the Law!



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