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Gaze Into Ervin's Dreamy FanDuel Eyes!

He's first baby, primacy and recency!
"It's like a stockbroker that knows that there's going to be a merger," said Colson Hicks Eidson partner Ervin Gonzalez, who filed the lawsuit with colleague Patrick Montoya of the Coral Gables firm and Christos Lagos and John Priovolos of Lagos & Priovolos in Miami.

The lawsuit also alleges both websites' contests are dominated by people who use algorithms and other automated tools to win, an unfair advantage the sites don't disclose to small-time players, according to the complaint.

About "1.5 percent of the players are making 90 percent of the money, and that's because they invest hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, and these large companies need that money in order to fill their coffers to pay the prize money," Gonzalez said.
And that's illegal how? 

Sucker born etc.

I also love how big companies when they get in trouble run to BigLaw to protect them by conducting "internal investigations":
DraftKings announced it hired Greenberg Traurig to conduct an investigation of employee Ethan Haskell's $350,000 FanDuel contest win.

FanDuel asked former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey of Debevoise & Plimpton to review its policies and former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia of Kirkland & Ellis to lead a new internal advisory board.

Read the complaint pending before Judge Huck here.


  1. GT - one million

    Debevoise - two million

    K & E - one and one half million


    What a joke.

  2. Huck already entered a final order.

  3. Yeah, I'm going to sue the Hard Rock for my poker losses lost week. And I'm going to sue the guy next to me that won. He's a better player, but that doesn't matter.

    Lagos should stick to whiplash cases or PIP.

  4. Ervin's going to get the ol Huck-a-buck and he's going to get it quicker than he can say fantasy football. Watch.

  5. How is this not suing to enforce an illegal gambling debt? I get that they don't want to throw up that affirmative defense, but shouldn't the court look at that issue anyhow?

  6. In Spanish , Lagos means "lap dog."

  7. Angel Cortinas could solve this problem ! Angel knows fraud! Angel is relevant !


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