3d DCA Watch -- Somebody Else Sued a Cruise Line!

Are there other cruise ship lawyers in town?

Not that I know of, but evidently they exist according to this 3d DCA opinion finding admiralty jurisdiction in a disembarkation accident at the Port of Miami.

And that's all the bunker really put out there today -- guess they're in holiday mode already.

Happy Hump Day, Plebes!


  1. they will refer the case to aronfeld - hes undefeated

  2. Why spend all that time and effort on staying in state court? I hope the one year hasn't run to file the case in federal court. If so, that's malpractice. Just save time, money and file it in federal court....They have juries there as well.

  3. I send my PI stuff to a well respected PI firm that doesn't put out cheesy commercials on youtube.


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