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Hand-Pulled Noodles All the Way From the 305 to the 11th Circuit!

That's one long noodle tug:
This appeal arises from a dispute over Chinese food.
One of my favorite topics!

Also, I learned this:
There is no period following the “Mr” in “Mr Chow.”
Good to know!

In other news, the whackadoodles in Tally want to restrict the power of the judiciary again: 
So now, here we are again trying to show the judges who’s boss. The bills HJR 197 and SJR 322 are a priority of the incoming Speaker of the House, Richard Corcoran. The bill would amend the Constitution by limiting appellate court judges and Supreme Court justices to two six-year terms.

What problem are they trying to address? Voters have the ability to remove them from the bench now through a retention vote.

Here’s why it’s a bad idea:

▪ It smells like retaliation. We lose good, experienced judges and justices arbitrarily.
▪ It might be more difficult to attract good applicants with lawyers unwilling to give up their practices for a short-term opportunity.
▪ There will be a tremendous loss of institutional knowledge, particularly important at the appellate level.
▪ More frequent governor appointments would skew the ideology and independence of the courts.
What a bunch of doofuses -- please work to defeat these awful pieces of legislation.

Finally, today is an opportunity to do good:
Give Miami Day is the biggest annual giving event in South Florida.  This year, we will again ignite Greater Miami for 24 hours on November 19th.  We made history on Give Miami Day 2014, raising $5.2 million for 520 local nonprofits from more than 19,000 donors spanning the city, nation and globe. 

Give Miami Day allows all individuals in our community to make a philanthropic impact by collectively supporting our local nonprofit organizations.  Twenty-four hours of giving begins at midnight on November 19 and ends at midnight on November 20, 2015.  Throughout the day, individuals may view online profiles of more than 500 nonprofit organizations serving Miami-Dade County and make a charitable gift here on

The Miami Foundation, Knight Foundation and our partners will maximize the community's generosity by making a bonus gift for every donation between $25 and $10,000 received on November 19 through
What's not to like?


  1. I'm sorry. Did you say "Mr Chow" or "Mr. Plow"?

  2. also, judges will be making their decisions with an eye toward which firms will hire them after they leave the bench.


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