3d DCA Watch -- Baby You're a Rich Man Edition!

If you're like me and into both the Beatles and the law, you should check out this new book -- Baby You're a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun and Profit.

I especially like how the author relates the various ongoing legal battles with songs from the Mop Top's individual catalogs -- yes, all things must pass (even lawsuits).


Humana v. Real:

Judge Shepherd somehow makes Medicare reimbursement subrogation litigation interesting!

(I'm kidding, I'm heading back to the Beatles lawsuit book....)

Jesus v. HSBC:

You never know, but I'm pulling for Jesus on this one.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Jesus is just alright with me.

  2. Nice win on the criminal side for Regional Counsel getting an 85 year sentence of a juvenile vacated.

  3. Happy Hump Day, SFL. Mwaaah!

  4. Read the Davon Francis opinion. It was Phil Reizenstein for Regional who crushed the state in front of three of the most conservative judges on the court.


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