By Popular Demand -- Your Fix Has Arrived!

I feel like I'm watching the beginning of a Bang Brothers video except there's slightly -- just slightly -- more legal discussion.

Oh just joking -- happy holidays all!


  1. Does he work or just do videos all week?

  2. Still waiting to hear about his big verdict against a cruise line.

  3. a flaming asshole and a disgrace to the legal profession and true trial lawyers.

  4. Nothing kills more Americans between December 20 and 27 than Christmas trees and ornaments and Cruise ships. Here at Aronfeld Trial lawyers, several of our clients have alerted us to the fact that cruise lines now routinely stack giant Christmas trees in the atriums of their mega-cruise lines. Nothing kills more than a giant xmas tree toppling over on an unsuspecting family strolling down the lido deck with a few soft drinks in their hands (notwithstanding the scene in the original Posideon adventure where Gene Hackman gets them out of the ballroom by climbing a christmas tree that has toppled over- btw a young SA saw that movie and asked his Pops afterwards if the passengers could sue and where would the jurisdiction be? "Miami, Son. Miami. The people have to sue in Miami" and a legend was born).

    Ornaments shatter- (you could put an eye out with that!!). Trees topple on ships tossed by violent seas. At Aronfeld lawyers we have a simple motto for this time of year: If you cruise this time of year you will lose- your life.

    For more information check us out on the web and our videos on you tube including "when christmas trees attack- sue back"; "the cruise from hell" (volumes I-XXXIII)
    "Food poisoning on the high seas"; "I broke my ankle on the tender" "the worst christmas ever- in Port at Montego Bay" and everyone's favorite "sexual assault by cruise line employees- how you can avoid tragedy and ruin during your vacation of a lifetime."

    Here's wishing you and yours a safe christmas (please check out our latest video- Home owner liability and brutal painful burns by the menorah)


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