Forced Arbitration Is Bad For You.

Unless "you" are AT&T or some other all-powerful, mega-corporation, this is one of those situations where there is absolutely no reason -- none at all -- to go against your own self-interest.

Even if, like many of us, you represent these corporations for a living, there still is no reason to support the elimination of legal rights via non-negotiable, one-sided contract terms: 
To be clear, arbitration can have benefits as an alternative dispute resolution. But voluntary arbitration is very different from forced arbitration. If a family member has been harmed at a nursing home, for instance, you can make a voluntary choice to arbitrate and have a say in how an arbitration should happen. But you shouldn’t be forced or fooled into signing an agreement that forfeits your right to a jury trial before a dispute has even occurred. That’s what the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services should forbid at nursing homes.

Whether you’re signing a loved one into a nursing home or just signing up for Netflix, you shouldn’t have to give your legal rights away. In fact, it says something quite troubling about a company if they’re not willing to be held accountable.

Most of the time, the consumer doesn’t have a choice. Just try finding a cell-phone company today that doesn’t use forced arbitration, for example, and you’ll be out of luck, because all of the major providers do.
The big corporations probably aren’t going to give up this get-out-of-jail card they’ve discovered. It’s going to have to be taken away from them. That’s what consumers need.
Well said, Julie!

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