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How to Stay Safe On Your Next Cruise!

Safely and carefully enter your cabin, move your bed to the center of the room, stay away from windows, doors, toilets, and showers; avoid food, drinks, excursions, entertainment of all kinds; refrain from contact with other passengers and crew members -- then exit your cabin when the cruise is over!

And have an awesome vacation!


  1. Big brother telling me what to do and not do. What a tool indeed.

  2. I saw this guy literally pushing passengers overboard and trying to film it

  3. Is it really safe to film in the middle of the road like that? Isnt this guy an accident attorney?

  4. The firm I send PI work to doesnt have time do commercials from the street. This guy is a total freaking douche.

  5. 1. Puffy.

    2. Rumpled. (NOT Rumpole.)

    3. What does he have, a Palm Treo and seven rocks in his breast pocket, behind his pocket "square?"

    4. Love Godwhacker racing past and beeping his horn at :50.

    5. Dude - you are OUT OF BREATH after TALKING for 60 seconds. Two words: hit the gym and STFU.

  6. How is it possible for someone to consume 15 alcoholic beverages in a 24hr period? The most I drank while on vacation was 3 maybe 4 a day which resulted in fabulous naps on the beach.

  7. I don't do PI work. So please tell me this guy isn't even semi-respectable in the local PI scene.

  8. Spencer's WorldDecember 2, 2015 at 5:24 PM

    What I'd really like is a shot at those cola -soda pop companies. Defective product. Causes diabetes and obesity - even diet colas.
    Think tobacco settlement times ten!

  9. Hilarious! I wonder if he's tried talking without waving his hands like he's landing planes on an aircraft carrier?


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