Natural Women

Did you notice that our favorite blogger has a wicked crush on Yvonne Craig?

The Dude has impeccable taste.

An American ballet dancer and actress best known for her role as Batgirl in the 1960s television series Batman, and as the Orion slave girl Marta in the Star Trek episode "Whom Gods Destroy" (1969), she appeared in guest roles in Love, American Style (the first episode), Kentucky Jones, The Big Valley, It Takes a Thief, The Mod Squad (Link!), Kojak, Emergency! and The Six Million Dollar Man. She even made appearances as herself on celebrity editions of Family Feud. So basically, everything I watched on TV in the '60s and '70s.

Ms. Craig, however, had range and depth and and was more than just a pretty face. She was also a philanthropist and advocate for workers unions, free mammograms, and equal pay for women.

Speaking of amazing and talented women who are legends, did you catch this performance for the ages the other night?

Happy Eve of New Year's Eve, folks! Have fun, be safe, be naughty, take time to reflect on your blessings and as He says, see you on the other side!


  1. Great post and clip, Happy New Years GB!

  2. Re: Be Naughty

    I like that as well as being cheeky -- it makes for a fine combination.

    Happy New Years, GB.

  3. Is that real fur she is wearing?


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