SHOCKER -- We Need a New Civil Courthouse!

Who knew?
A Miami-Dade county task force looking at options for a new civil courthouse voted Thursday to recommend a new $360 million courthouse be constructed, despite protests from the Miami-Dade state attorney and public defender that a new criminal courthouse should also be considered.
County commissioners are scheduled to discuss the controversial issue next week.

Has anyone been in 73 West Flagler lately?

But the lawyers who do that other type of law that I forgot about right after I booked crim pro first year aren't happy:
Last-minute protests were lodged by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office and the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office, which argued they have been excluded from the process and that a new criminal courthouse also is desperately needed.

Gary Winston, senior trial counsel for the State Attorney's Office, said, "We've been excluded from everything and the state attorney and public defender offices are the two largest parts of the justice system."
Two largest parts?

I'll show you my two largest parts while I saunter in to a (for the most part) mold-free new civil courthouse complex, while you guys take the stairs:


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