The Long National War on Christmas is Over.

Hi kids, I need to recharge my batteries around Christmastime -- how about you?

For me that usually means at least three days of debauched, depraved, hedonistic activities punctuated by reckless abandon, excessive indulgence and no limits -- either that or I gather the family and try to help others.

Depends on my mood.

Choices, choices.

Whatever you do this week we wish you and yours a warm, loving and peaceful holiday -- however you celebrate.

See you next week!


  1. Enjoy your holiday break SFL. Hope you choose option one, I always do!

  2. War on Christmas? That's code for "prick Christians with a chip on their shoulder trying to justify the chip."

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  3. Happy Holidays, SFL.

    And yes, option #1 seems a lot of fun---besides I hear 'naughty' is the new 'nice.'

    Ho, Ho, Ho. :) Mwaaah!

  4. 2016 the rise of Shumie nation.....(ominous music)

  5. Wait...that's it?? No Xmas Spence message? The danger of xmas tree fires?? Lights that sizzle and snap and burn little tykes into total disfigurement? The choking hazard of small ornaments? Spoiled egg nog and e-coli ? (speaking of which, I gotta get me some of those Chipolte food poisoning cases- please refer)

    Please...I've had a bad enough holidays as it is....Need a SA fix. It would be my special xmas present. For all I've done, it's not too much to ask.

    PS- If you've been hit by an errant Christmas float, please call my office. Lawyers are standing by (a vicious bunch of Jews that don't celebrate christmas and have no problem shutting down a small church or municipality this time of year).

    PSS I know that;s politically incorrect, but I was going for a laugh. Not an anti-semite, indeed I'ma semite.


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