3d DCA Watch -- Judge Emas, Storyteller?

Oh hail let's just do this.

Prater v. Comprehensive Health Center:

Do I detect a bit of Judge Carnes bleeding into this tantalizing tidbit to launch an opinion:
At the heart of this appeal is the late disclosure of a single piece of evidence which Prater’s counsel discovered on the eve of the first day of jury selection: an electronic copy of a page from a prescription pad from Comprehensive’s office with the handwritten words “Prilosec OTC” scrawled across it. There was no patient name, no date and no doctor’s signature on the document. Although Dr. Seide testified that the words on the document appeared to be in her handwriting, her medical records detailing Prater’s visit contained no indication that Dr. Seide prescribed or recommended this medication to Prater.
Do tell!

There were a few other minor opinions, but not worth writing them up to be honest with you.

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