3d DCA Watch Special Edition -- AKA 4th DCA Watch!

Does anything really happen in Broward?

If it involves a Plantation divorce lawyer who got attacked online by her former client, then yes perhaps Broweird is more than a mental construct and/or hazy high school memories of trying to get lucky at Pier 66:
Attorney Giustibelli represented Copia Blake in a dissolution of marriage proceeding brought against Peter Birzon. After a breakdown in the attorney-client relationship between Giustibelli and her client, Blake and oddly, Birzon as well, took to the internet to post defamatory reviews of Giustibelli. In response, Giustibelli brought suit, pleading a count for libel. She also brought counts for breach of contract and for attorney’s fees, alleging that Blake still owed her money related to the divorce representation.
I guess statements of fact are not opinions and could subject you to a defamation lawsuit.

And this is true even in "Broward" (artist's rendering depicted above).

Happy Friday, plebes!


  1. Okay, I'll be the 1st to say it-- Happy Friday, SFL.


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