3d DCA Watch -- A Theme Is (Was) Developing.

It's gotten so cold inside the bunker they've started to unbolt the toilets and are actually burning porcelain-shaped concrete for warmth -- time to heat that free coffee up to a scorching 81 degrees.


Moriber v. Dreiling:


Save Calusa v. St. Andrews:


Falkinburg v. El Portal:

Hey, not boring!

You know that old trailer park off Biscayne where they are throwing out all the poor residents to make way for fancy new "development"?

Not so fast:
In sum, under section 723.083, the government agency – the Village of El Portal – before taking any action that would lead to the removal or relocation of the mobile home residents, had to determine if there existed adequate mobile home parks or other suitable facilities for Little Farm’s mobile home residents before it could take “official action.” Because the Village did not comply with the statute, the allegations in Falkinburg’s complaint were sufficient to state a cause of action under the applicable statute. Thus, the trial court erred in dismissing Falkinburg’s complaint, and the case is reversed and remanded to the trial court for expedited action.
Newsflash -- no such other suitable facilities exist anymore!


  1. What about yesterday's really well written decision by Salter. Nice to read a well reasoned and well written opinion.

  2. Yes and regarding the James L. Knight trust.


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