A Song for Bernie, A Song for Hillary

From the New York Times –
Art Garfunkel is a “Bernie guy.” One half of the duo whose famous song, “America,” is the soundtrack for the most recent ad for Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign, pledged his allegiance to the candidate in an interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish. “I like Bernie,” Mr. Garfunkel said. “I like his fight. I like his dignity and his stance. I like this song.” He added that while he and his former musical partner, Paul Simon, might not agree on everything, they are both “liberals in our inclination,” and agreed on letting the Sanders campaign use their song.
Here it is.

And now, to be fair, a 60s classic for Hillary!


  1. I don't give a fuck what some worn out hippy thinks. TRUMP 2016! Could Bernie shoot somebody on 5th av and lose no votes? Nope. Trump is the man. #BuildTheWall

  2. @4:50

    If you're incredibly stupid you lack the very tool you need to understand the severity of your stupidity. This explains Trump, Palin, and their supporters.

  3. Thanks for proving how stupid you are gw. #itwassajoke #toomanydicksmakesyouaprick


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