"He Was More Forrest Gump Than Scarface."

Proving he's as adept with spot-on cultural references as he is in the courtroom, David O. Markus wins another one:
In Bailey’s case, he came close to accepting a plea deal. “But I wanted to explain that I really didn’t know what I was doing,” said Bailey, 27, who now works as a valet in Orlando. “I didn’t have any criminal intent.”
At trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Bailey acted on behalf of the operation’s mastermind, David McConnell, a former Florida International University honors student who had once bailed him out of jail after a minor arrest. “I felt indebted to him,” Bailey told the Miami Herald.
Jurors heard that Bailey went with McConnell to a bank to wire money to China. His name was also used to rent a storage facility where the drugs were believed to have to been kept. Several packages of methylone – one of several chemical often sold as Molly – were sent to Bailey’s home, one addressed to “BB’s New Age Crystals and Minerals.”
But defense lawyers Markus and Margot Moss shifted the blame to McConnell, portraying their client as a naive dupe. While Bailey did not testify, the lawyers pointed out there was nothing to show he got paid and even allowed his mother to sign for one package – all evidence he believed it was legal.
“He was more Forrest Gump than Scarface,” Markus told jurors.

Well done David!


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