"Hire Stine or Do the Time"!

Palm Beach attorney Andrew Stine has a handy checklist next time you're in his little den of iniquity:
In Palm Beach County, Florida citizens are most likely to get arrested for one of the following criminal matters: 1. Driving while license suspended, canceled or revoked; 2. Violation of a driver’s license restriction; 3. No valid or expired registration; 4. No valid driver’s license; 5. No proof of automobile insurance; 6. Resisting an officer without violence; 7. Trespass; retail theft; 8. open container; 9. Possession of marijuana; 10. Possession of drug paraphernalia; 11. Prostitution; 12. Solicitation of prostitution; 13. Battery 14. Petit theft and  15. DUI.
Ok, the year's still young but I've crossed four -- possibly five -- off my PBC bucket list already!

But no worries if you are caught doing any of the remaining ten "rhymes with Stine" north of the border:
Hire Stine or do the Time!  
And that's the name of that tune!


  1. Violates bar rules.

  2. I love the hammer and the chisel, representing letters in his name.



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