Pancho Chic!

See folks, this is why everyone needs a gay friend. A gay friend would have said, "Mary, what are you wearing? No, no, no, not today honey. You're going to the State of the Union address, not all you can eat ribs at the local BBQ."

Put a few ridges on that forehead and she'll look downright Klingon!


  1. One of my best friends is gay and let me tell you I absolutely love going shopping with him-- he'll tell you like it is & he's the only guy I know who loves shopping/fashion just as much as I do--- and who loves getting mani/pedis. :)

  2. Why would anyone "lie down" with her?


  3. CP, I'm pretty good with fashion, although many of my gay friends might disagree. I allow them to cling to their delusions because I'm a know-it-all in so many other areas I have to leave them some turf.

    @10:49, Necrophilia?

  4. GW-- I'd go shopping with you any day. :)


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