The Dangers of Flirtatious Cruise Ship Party Games!

Holy hail do you realize the kind of danger you and your loved one could be in by participating in an embarrassing, on stage party game that requires you to carry a blue phallus-shaped balloon (I'm not sure about this part but it's a reasonable assumption) between your legs to your loving, equally embarrassed partner?

Just watch:


  1. Spencer is like the gloom & doom of why people shouldn't vacation on Cruise Ships. Has he ever given a positive review?

  2. Dog on set! Fat drunk lady falls down and tries to get a few dollars via Aronfeld. Lame. Maybe if she wasn't a fatso she might not have been so injured by a simple fall.

  3. I went on a cruise ship... a passenger cut my hand with a broken beer bottle. I got stitches by the doctor on the boat. I was wasted and it was terrible. Never been cruising since.

  4. Guy has a client give basically a recorded statement via a youtube plug. What a moron.

  5. While I was on a crossing (not a cruise) on the QE2 during a storm, the ship hit very rough seas. Sitting in the lounge, having just received my drink, now placed on the bar in front of me, the ship heaved violently, and my drink slid down the bar, off the end, and smashed on the floor. The bartender, who observed this chain of events, refused to provide me a free replacement drink.

    I was outraged, humiliated, suffered embarrassment, and lost the cost of my drink. Under the circumstances, the drink served to quell my ongoing anxiety that the ship would take on too much water, overpowering the bilge pumps, and disrupting the diesel-electric propulsion system, leaving the ship stranded in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean during a storm, and beyond rescue distance of Southampton, England.

    What is the SOL for legal claims occurring on the high seas? Do I have a case? I am still haunted by this near-disaster.


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