3d DCA Watch -- It's One-Case Wednesday!

Like the great wit Gore Vidal, Paul Theroux is a much better non-fiction essayist than novelist, though Paul has had a few fiction highlights along his lengthy and illustrious career.

His latest, Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads, dives deep into Southern Americana, in all its beautifully charming, gracious, violent, dark and ugly dimensions.  It's a fresh look, and well worth the read.

Of course -- being Paul -- the cranky master traveler frequently goes off on fellow writers and their clich├ęd "mock danger" American travel narratives, the tropes about the "open road," the British travel writer's general disdain for American mores, along with Theroux's usual back-handed compliments and vicious (yet subtle) take-downs of those that inspire in him either jealousy or contempt (or both).

I could go on -- his descriptions of the current degrading and dehumanizing air travel process (as compared to the glory days of air travel) are hilarious and spot-on, and the intimate portraits of the many rural poor he encounters are insightful as well as sometimes shocking.

But this is a legal blog, so ta-dah!

There, can I go home now?

(Ok, it's a foreclosure case where Senior Judge Herb Stettin and Carlton Fields got subject matter jurisdiction wrong).

Happy Humps!


  1. Looks interesting SFL, thanks for the tip.


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